A call to action to the silent majority of citizens that make this country work. They have to get up to go to work. Most have families to support, house payments and have to pay more than there fair share of taxes. With all that is going on in there busy lives it’s hard to find the extra time to get involved in politics. But there has never been a more crucial time since the American Revolution than there is right now.

Basically you have one side that’s pro-American and one side that is anti-American. What’s at stake in 2020 is the freedom, liberty, individual responsibility and the American way of live. If you loose that you have government control over your healthcare, your income, and the kind of life you and your family will have.

The anti- American Socialist promises of open borders, free health care for all including illegal aliens, free college, pay off student loans, housing and the Green Deal. These policies would overwhelm the US. They add up to over 120 trillion dollars in the next ten years. That’s more than the expected GNP of 60 trillion over the next ten years. ( Bloomberg Reports).

Socialism is typically a bait and switch scam. It begins with great promises and ends in misery. The socialist system is not compassionate. It is sold on the premise of equality, which(except for the elite) means everyone is equally poor.

I just can’t believe that is what any American would want to saddle the future generations with enormous taxes, hyper inflation and no chance to reap the benefits of your labor or creativeness. A weak military program which would leave the US vulnerable for attack.

The pro- American campaign to keep a reasonable tax base, provide for a strong military force to in sure the protection and defense of the United States, stop illegal immigration, rebuild our infrastructure, healthcare that let’s the free market work by letting providers compete to give the best policies at affordable rates, end taxpayer funded abortions and uphold the second amendment. All these issues provide for the health and well being of the country.

Following the pro-American agenda, the future Americans will get to enjoy the prosperity and independent life style that is the envy of the world.

Before there was America, most of the world lived in abject poverty. Because of our vision, freedom and liberty spread to what has become known as the Western World. America grew and prospered in the marketplace of goods and the marketplace of ideas. It benefited many other countries and they began copying American values.

The elections at this point and time are very important whether they be, local, state, or federal. It comes down to do you want freedom or socialism.

The Democratic Socialist of America group has surged to 65,000 plus and are organizing to take over the Democratic Party with hopes of control of the entire government.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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