The millennial’s will inherit over 243 years of American ingenuity, technology and know how to combat any challenges they may face.

Americans have always looked at a problem as challenge to create a solution. Just look at the break through in medicine; every generation is living longer healthier lives. Advancements in science make our lives more easier; every generation it just keeps improving providing more leisure time. The continual progresses made in engineering making everything better. Engines, bridges, buildings, homes that are the most comfortable and energy efficient in the world and the list goes on.

Don’t depend on government to fix things the only thing government creates is more government.

When you remove unnecessary regulation and over taxation, you fuel creativity and innovation.

Millennial’s will inherit more wealth than any other generation has ever been handed. They will have a bigger treasure chest of knowledge and resources than all other generations combined.

Every generation has had their challenges but they figured it out and got through it. For every problem there is a sensible answer. If you can dream it you can build it. At this time we are better equipped with resources and brain power to deal with what ever comes our way.

Don’t give into the garbage that the socialist are putting out. Socialism destroys opportunity and any chance to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

American ideals are a live and well. We are living at the greatest time in the history of the world. Don’t give up your freedom and liberty to socialist that want to steal the future.


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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