Congress has become an activist front group for socialism. They have done nothing except run investigations against President Trump since 2016 election. They throw out a bunch of allegations then try to find a way to substantiate what they have stated without any facts.

I can’t believe that any reasonable thinking American isn’t getting fed up with Congress making up stuff, then trying to come up with something to connect some kind of wrong doing.

They believe if you don’t have the facts it doesn’t make any difference as long as the media will keep promoting the lies. They can make the investigations up as they go along

I thought the only reason we pay these is people is to move the country forward. What happened to border control, the new trade agreements,infrastructure development. These are just some of the things that should be getting done.

They have some idea that their job is to create chaos and take down the Capitalist system. The socialists want control of this country like never before and a lot of Democrats don’t even realize the strangle hold the socialists have on their party. According to Trevor Loudon in the EPOCH TIMES; There are four major communist groups that are working to take over the Democratic Party; Communist Party USA, Committees Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS). Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) and it’s close affiliate, LeftRoots Americas largest Marxist organization. These groups are working together with the Democratic Socislists of America (DSA), to take over the Democrat Party. Because there’s no way any of these groups could run their own and even get elected for dog catcher. So they have infiltrated the Democrat Party to radically transform into full blown socialist party. Through the Democrat Party, they are taking mass actions to do what ever it takes to win the control in the 2020 elections. With the help of the media publishing alleged crimes as fact, and putting a negative spin on any positive news; they have the help of the mindless entertainment industry, and worst of all you have a number of Congress members that are either devout Socialists, or they are way to ignorant to be in any policy making position. Not to mention the cost of this dog and pony show; MILLIONS and MILLIONS dollars that have been wasted on nonsense.

The way it looks these counterfeit politicians in their quest to find something they can use to bring down the President are going to continue at least until the 2020 election.

If you want to see how well liberal policies have worked look at cities that liberals have control of: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, New York. These are a few examples. What do they all have common: high crime, out of control homeless population,human trafficking, illegal drug industry, high taxes because of misuse of public funds, a mass problem with filth and garbage, high number of homicides, hostile business environments. All their polices create failure and poverty.

I pray that the people who love this country will get out and vote for the candidates that best represent American values. Be informed and guard against impostures who pretend to love, support and defend the countries interest. Voting is not just a privilege but an awesome responsibility to keep and preserve the greatest country in the world.

I worked with a Russian gentleman that told me his father’s wish was that some day me and his sister could come to America, because there you can be free to do what ever you want to become and not have to worry about the government oppression. I called him Val because I couldn’t pronounce his Russian name. But Val asked me why do people that have a constitution that guarantees limited government, freedom, and equality want to give that up for what I dreamed about getting a way from. I said Val I don’t know all I can say is they’re to ignorant to know the difference.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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