Trumps biggest mistake was not firing every political appointee his first day in office. He has been plagued with a massive disloyal work force.

They have despised President Trump right from start and have done everything to undermined every move he makes. These executive branch workers are at the head of the resistance and they are at the heart of the deep state snake.

President Trump from the first day was surrounded by bureaucrats; Almost every Department was a leftist cesspool. Democrats started talking impeachment the first day after 2016 election. Feverishly looking into financial and business dealings as far back as twenty years ago; looking for some dastardly criminal act. Nothing there! This is completely unheard of, trying to impeach a President on dealings he had done before he was elected.

The phone call which has been looked at by anyone who is interested can see there’s nothing there. What a bunch of nonsense. Is this really all the Democrats have?

The Democrats are in hyper mode. They need something to stop Trump from taking down their strangle hold. They have been able to operate government policy with their impeccable elite status never having to worry about any consequences. Now all that is about to change.

The one good things is that it shines the light on the incapable and inept Democrats that for the last three years have spent a lot of time and money doing one thing-trying to remove President Trump from office.

Just think where we would be if the Democrats would have spent their time on trade agreements, border security, advancing military readiness, infrastructure and the economy. That would be nice if Congress did what the American people pay them to do. Instead of trying to destroy what has been the best economic and times of low unemployment.

The Democrats right now are scared of the coming revelations, Barr and Horowitz are throwing the covers off and the manipulation, lying and corruption is about to see the light of day. They are also scared of their socialist agenda their hope of gaining complete control forever is vanished.

The best thing President Trump can do when he starts his second term is to cut the bureaucracy; by putting in place a hiring freeze. That would reduce the power that they have and save a boat load of money. These bureaucracies have been operating with limitless amounts of money. The federal government employs over two million plus another four million contract workers supporting the bureaucratic night mare. If this were cut in half there would still be plenty of workers for the need of government.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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