The socialist principle; “From each according to his ability- To each according to his need.”

Jamestown the first American colony who’s Governor, was William Bradford. Wrote that the socialist philosophy has greatly hindered are growth. The young men resent having to work for the benefit of providing for another man’s family without compensation. The strong and healthy men who worked hard and produced more got the same amount as the weak men who produce very little and wives having to do house work for other men considered it slavery.

Governor Bradford in 1623 to avoid famine abandoned socialism. He assigned land to every family, once everyone got to grow their own food they became very industrious; everyone in the family worked together to plant their crops.

Three times the amount of corn was planted under the new system. By fall the Pilgrims were able to export a boat load of corn. This allowed them to pay off the Adventures who had funded their trip to the new land. Also they were able to buy out the Adventures stock in the colony and that completed the transition to private property and free markets. This was the beginning of American greatness.

Then you have Venezuela going from one of the most stable Democracies in the Americas until the early 1980’s when it started to fall into socialism. Then in 1999, under President Hugo Chavez, it went to full blown socialism. The country that was once the jewel of the south is now in economic, political, and social ruin. Seventy percent of the people are living in poverty. People are dying because the hospitals are lacking hygiene and the basic drugs. A square foot of toilet paper cost more than a tank of gas. People have to wait in line for hours to get food or go hungry.

Guns were confiscated, now the gangs are armed to the hilt. Caracas has turned into a war zone. Drugs are running rampant. Robberies, rapes, and homicides are the norm.

Socialism is like a cancer, once it starts to spread you can’t stop it.

The human desire is to create, build and produce and receive the rewards for his accomplishments. The benefit is a free society. Going from socialism to capitalism works. Going from capitalism to socialism does not.

The Democratic candidates that want to steal from the producers to give to the non-producers is a recipe for disaster.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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