The average American is getting sick and tired of the House of Representatives doing nothing for the last three years but trying to find some crime that President Trump has committed. This Impeachment nonsense has run it’s coarse. The testimonies of the witnesses in nothing more than hearsay and political disagreement. It’s time to excrete or vacate the commode.

If this continues we are headed down the road that political power will be determined by coups rather than elections. Just like they are in a banana republic. This is being fueled by the globalist.

The House of Representative’s needs to be reminded that the legitimacy of our government comes from the people.

When the impeachment process hits the Senate it will be dead on arrival, so why proceed?

This is not just an attack on Trump, it’s a last ditch effort to take the enthusiasm out of the people that support Trump. Using what ever means possible gasping for political air with their constitutional masquerade. The liberal media is bound and determined that they are going to manipulate every possible angle to push this to the end.

With economy at all time high, unemployment at all time low and the successes Trump has made in foreign policy, the Democrats have no issue to run on. The only hope of taking control of the government is to try and divide America for their political agenda.

Why would anyone want to give more power to a party that abuses the law and the constitution to gain control.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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