If you attack Americans or attack our embassies you best have your affairs in order. I think these terrorist are realizing that they are not dealing with the political weak kneed leaders of the past. It.s great to have someone who is not going to kowtow and send a ton of money to try and make peace with these people who want to annihilate anyone who gets in the way of their mission of world domination. If you don’t stand up and show these terrorist that the fun and games are over, you Just get more attacks.

President Obama sent $150 billion to Tehran for a down payment on peace, well that sure didn’t work out. If you divide $150 billion by 330 million Americans that works out to about, $450 dollars per person. That money was used for development of various kinds of explosives and high tech strike missiles. The next time you see a veteran that is disabled missing a leg, an arm or an eye or think about the many,many service personnel that have been killed by these explosives, shows you don’t buy peace from a terrorist.

President Trump sent the business end of a precision guided munition to General Soleimani and his side kick Al-Muhandis their regime of terror has come to an end and Iranian and Iraqi people are dancing in the streets thanking President Trump.

Soleimani is a real piece of work. He organized his surrogates to attack the US embassy to make it look like it was an Iraqi up rising. He is responsible for a rocket attack on a military compound killing a contractor, wounding four US troops and two members of the Iraqi Security Forces. He is also the Commander of Quds Force, that is an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) which supports terrorist in ten countries. He was the mastermind behind the bombings and assassination of 17% of all US personnel in Iraq between 2003 and 2011. General Soleimani was making plans to attack American diplomats and service personnel. Along with his go to Guy Al-Muhandis who was an Iranian deputy commander.

When President Trump warns there will be consequences for terror attacks, they now understand appeasement and negotiation are not an option. There will be swift action without hesitation.

I just thank GOD for President Trump. Can you imagine where we would be if Hillary would have been the President. Those in the embassy would be dead or captured. Remember Benghazi contractors fighting on the roof of a CIA- annex pleading for military aid and being ignored.

The Quds Force are now without a leader and are in complete disarray. Now they have to reorganize which could take months. Any immediate retaliation will be met with severe force and targets that are already designated will be eliminated one by one.

The Democrats and the media are in hyper mode trying to come up with a reason why it’s a bad thing to attack a terrorist. If your not standing with the President in his persistent pursuit to defend Americans, then your supporting terrorism.

If you think that the President actions on defending Americans is the right thing to do, please send an email thanking him:


Written Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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