It’s time to take back our schools when the focus of education becomes teaching an immoral agenda of a deviant live style.

This is a push by Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ to get a curriculum in place to train the most vulnerable. How to become a Homosexual. What kind of sick perverted people would want to take a kindergartner that hasn’t even learned how to tie their shoes and pressure them to decide what gender identity or sexual orientation they want.

The Middle School and High School students all ready know about sex thanks to Hollywood, the internet, graphic literature that’s available and more. Comprehensive Sex-Ed (CSE) is what the Washington State Superintendent is pushing for. The testimony of one young man is that the reality of the curriculum used in Washington State contains numerous explicit sex definitions, and when kids enter those phrases into a search engine, up pops every XXX-rated visual , one can imagine. The hearing room in Olympia fell silent after hearing the young man’s legitimate concerns.

Young people have a difficult time dealing with adolescence, all this (CSE) does is poor fuel on the fire.

The Comprehensive Sex-ED was passed by the Senate: SB 5395 and HB 2184 is still in committee.

Another progressive move is to put Health Clinic’s on site in schools. What could possibly be the reason for clinic’ in schools. There are plenty of clinic’s that parents can take their children to.

What is it that these clinic’s want to do? subvert family authority. Outrage is building as parents discern what these clinic’s will surely do: refer abortions, prescribe contraception and even possibly screen for and administer opposite-sex hormones to gender-confused children. Once they have these clinic’s in place the parent will not know what type of procedure’s have been done.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! Please contact the state representatives: tell them to vote NO!!

Comprehensive Sex-ED : SB 5395 HB 2184

Health Clinic: SB 6279 HB2288

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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