Anyone watching what is going on with you before the Democratic candidates really believe that they have any intentions in working for the betterment of America.

They’re wanting to tax the rich to the max. When you raise taxes on the rich ueveryone gets a tax increase or become uunemployed no u hug ub up. Their stupid Green Dream will kill the economy; open borders; free health care for everyone. This is nuts free this free that free everything. Each one tries to one up the other one with all this socialist vuykeubalderdash. What sane person would believe this stuff. If you took all the available money from the rich with all the promises these candidates are making the money iowould run out in six months. ($ 153 Trillion)

These candidates have a hostile attitude toward America. Know wonder they want to take your guns. Hi k

Giving support to the u NHLu Democrats is like a rope giving support to a hanged man.

Written andand

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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