Wind energy’s growth is driven by super charged subsidies. the growth has not been because of consumer demands but by the billions of billions worth of taxpayers dollars.

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) received 6.8 billion in subsidies and loan guarantee’s that went to foreign corporations, including IBEDROLA, SIEMENS and E-ON. All these have seats on the AWEA’S board of directors. Mid American Energy Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathway, CEO Warren Buffett explains why his companies are in the wind business, ” We get a lot of tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms; that’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

Article published in National Review 6/6/2016 figures from Subsidy Tracker: total given to the biggest US players $176 billion. Don’t let developers fool you, they are in it for the money not the environment. We need to stop these subsidies. If wind energy can’t stand on it’s own then it’s not working like it suppose to.

What’s the true cost of wind energy power? Consumers pay for it twice: once through monthly electricity bills, second through taxes that finance these massive subsidies.

Is wind energy really environmentally friendly? Things big wind doesn’t want you to know: one of the components are magnets made from neodymium and dysprosium, rare earth minerals. China controls 95%of the worlds supply of rare earth minerals. In the village of Dalahai, where factories have sprang up, the lake has become so toxic anything that was planted would die. People began to suffer. Their teeth started to fall out. On young people their hair turned white and they suffered from severe skin and respiratory diseases. Children born with soft bones and cancer rates sky rocketed. ( By Simon Perry from the Daily Mail). Then you have the amount of birds kill every year by the blades. Killing millions of birds, the old blades at the land fills are plastered with bird remains. A lot of the wind farms are placed in migratory paths.

There are just a few places that can take the old wind turbine blades and these things are starting to add up by the thousands. They can not be recycled and have know value. There are just a limited amount of landfills that can take them. Because of the massive amount of room it takes to bury them. They have to be buried 30 feet deep and hundreds of feet long and wide. They are cut up on site and hauled to the landfill.

The materials that it takes to built a wind turbine are made from fossil fuels. The tons of concrete for just one. The making of concrete is rated as one of the highest outputs of CO2. Then there is the toxic resins, the radioactive magnets, the amount of steel. Everything used to built these wind turbines depends on a lot of fossil fuel to make it and that’s just one; multiply that times thousands and you are looking an environmental monster.

There are a lot of negatives about wind energy being clean and renewable and it will never be reliable no matter how many are built. They have a twenty year life span and then they have to be rebuilt. So as they get older the maintenance goes up.

The only real way to see the true capabilities of these bird choppers is if you had two grids: one for wind turbines and one that used hydroelectric or fossil fuel.

Although they produce electricity on and off, they consume it continuously. They need power to keep the generator magnetized, need to periodically to spin the assembly to unwind the cables in the tower, heat the blades in icy conditions, to start the blades turning when the wind is not blowing fast enough to keep them going, to adjust blade pitch to keep them spinning at a regular rate, to run lights, internal controls and communication systems. It takes a lot of dirty energy in to get a little clean energy out. They only calculate what the wind turbine puts out and not what it takes to make it work. Kind of like a gambler telling you what he wins but never what he lost.

Makes you wonder if you had all the facts is there any benefit from wind energy at all.

A clean reliable alternative is natural gas power plants. It is the lowest emitting fossil fuel without the need of massive amount of subsidies. The recoverable reserves are more than we ever dreamed of. According to the International Gas Union (IGU) we have enough natural gas to provide electricity for the next 250 years right now. But there is more advancements and exploration going on where that could increase significantly.

In areas where there is hydroelectric without the wind turbines or solar there would still be sufficient amount of electricity and even a surplus.

Efficient wind energy is a Joke, and that’s just the tip of the blade!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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