Who would want to be a kid this day in age? Every time they turn around it’s something else that is going to get’em. Climate change, you only have 12 years and all you’re gonna be is a melted pile of grease. If they don’t take the guns away from your parents and law biding citizens you’re going to end up getting shot. If you think you’re a boy because you look like a boy then think again, you may not be or if you think you’re girl because you look like a girl you may be confused. Because according to your Comprehensive Sex-Ed class that isn’t necessarily so. Comprehensive Sex-Ed porn curriculum makes Sodom and Gomorrah look decent.

Then you have Coronavirus every day telling you if you haven’t got it yet you will soon.

Geez!! can we come up with any more stuff to scare the living jeepers out of our kids for crying out loud.

Here’s an idea: let’s explain to them the actual science of climate change and that CO2 is just a small particle of everything that makes up the climate and how important CO2 is to support life and plants. There is no alarm to worry about to much CO2. And stop telling them about false data those phony computer models put out. They have never produced any correct data yet.

Here’s another: teach them what a gun is and how it works. Explain it is a way to protect yourself and your family from the bad guys. It is also a way to hunt game and provide food for your family.

Now let’s look at the attack on the family by Planned Parenthood and LGBT. They have no right to mess with a kids mind. If the public education system wants to put a homosexual curriculum in place it’s time for home school or private school.

As far as the Coronavirus is concerned, It’s a good time to teach good hygiene practices and how to maintain a strong immune system. Also to become informed on all of the preventive measures you can do.

Explain that 80% of the people infected have mild symptoms and recover in a short period. The ones who get really sick are the elderly. Most are in there 70’s with underlying medical problems. And not to take everything the news media put out as accurate. Their job is to sell news. The more sensational and dramatic the more they make. There have been other pandemic’s. There was the Hong Kong flu, Influenza, SARS and more . But we managed to get through them and we will get through this one..

If you ingrain fear into to the youth, you can have social control in the future. Fear has been used to manipulate others. Those in position of power have been very effective in using fear to control certain aspects of society.

But not to worry the sky isn’t falling!!!

But the ones who have been taught to reason with common sense are fearless and can’t be under the control of another.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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