The Chinese attack on America; just when the Socialist Democrats thought they were doomed for 2020. Here comes the Chicoms to the rescue. The Chinese Communist Party sends in the Wuhan Brigade. They lead a successful attack on destroying formerly reasonable people with their secret panic and fear weapon, with help of their reinforcement troops the media.

Once that front was established there was no way Commander Trump could stave off the mob; they went crazy. Now he had to compromise his position. This gave the enemy a chance to go after the wealth strong hold. The attack was brutal. Commander Trump ordered his troops to start firing billions of rounds but the enemy kept advancing so he ordered the trillion dollar cannon. One big blast from that, KABOOM!! the transfer of wealth began.

But just when it looked like the trillion dollar cannon blast had damaged the enemy, the Chicoms get new recruits. The Governor platoon comes riding in. Their mission is to make a divergent attack and close down America.

Now Commander Trump and his troops realize the battle field is empty. And there is time to plan for the mother of all battles. Hopefully they are building a weapon that will annihilate the enemy. Then we can start reconstruction period. People get to go back to work. Hopefully the small businesses will be a survivor and everything will start returning to life in America.

After this conflict let’s just hope that this sample of socialism has made people appreciate the benefit of freedom and liberty.

Life was a whole lot simpler when we didn’t depend on government for every problem that came along. Rather we looked to Americans creative ability to achieve the best outcome.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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