Well the United States Congress just hoodwinked the American tax payer again. A stimulus package that was supposed to be for helping the unemployed American workers and small businesses, was not to satisfy the appetite that special interest and bureaucracies have for the tax dollar.

If this doesn’t make the hard working tax paying American fighting mad then I don’t know what will. Included in The Cares Act : African Development Fund $513,900,000. That is tied to the Chinese African Development Fund. African Development Bank Fund $7,286,587,000. The Chinese became a member of the African Development Bank in 1985. Then you have the International Development Fund 3,004,200,00. In 2007 China started contributing to the International Development Fund which is the leading arm of the World Bank. Total $ 10,794,687,000.

All this was because of a plea from the Center for Global Development, for the United States to include funding for international organizations in it’s Coronavirus relief package citing the possibility that even after the virus is under control in the US it could see a resurgence if there are not strong enough efforts to suppress it worldwide. (sounds like a threat).

Then you have the 25 million to the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. If the Performing Arts Center can’t support it’s self maybe instead of stealing money from the relief package that was intended to help get us through this crisis, they could charge more at the door. They have 2,200 performances a year and it seats 2,465. Tickets depending on the performances range from $45.00 to $456.00. Most performances are a full house. In the 2019 Federal Budget, they received $37.49 million. They put in this unrelated spending in order to give help to the American people. (what a bunch of malarkey).

Is it really necessary to create a crisis on top of crisis. Pulling the money out of the treasury to help Americans get back on their feet is one thing but taking that money out of the package with riders and add-ons is flat out stealing.

When you talk about non-essential I think non- essential should start at Congress. They should be the first to be laid off and not paid until after America goes back to work. Bingo, no shutdown, no taking 2 trillion dollars out of the treasury.

Who knows where all this is going to end … The greed and ignorance that exist is paid for with your tax dollars.

President Trump has done all he can to get the relief as quick as possible. But he had to wade through the swamp of Congressional snakes to get it done.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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