The things that Governor Inslee has been able to accomplish by shutting down the state and imposing the stay at home order.

By shutting down businesses he has created a devastating blow to small business owners who still have to pay their taxes, utilities, rent , insurance and loan payments. With no money coming in there’s a good chance that many of them will probably not be able to start up again.

This shutdown has put close to half a million people out of work who still have house payments, insurances to pay, car payments, groceries, utilities to pay, loan payments and property payments. Even with some things that have been deferred for months they will still have to be paid. The ones that do get there jobs back will have a monstrous task trying to catch up on their bills. They’ve already borrowed off their retirement plan, depleted their savings or cashed in on what investments they had.

This has caused many to be left wondering how they are ever going to dig their way out of the hole. They are depressed and worried. This is causing way more problems than the flu. Suicides are up , alcohol and marijuana use is increasing at an alarming rate. Their sales have had an enormous spike and domestic violence is up 22%.

With private contractors shutdown, people that were building homes are sitting with a home that is partially build and no job, and a home building loan that still has to be paid.

Another strategic move was to shutdown fishing to help stop the spread of the flu. In the other 49 states it’s okay to fish but not in Inslee’s state. This is just another way for Inslee to browbeat the public with his ambitious quest for social control.

If there had been a total of 711 flu deaths in Okanogan County, Ferry County, Grant County or Klickitat County do you really think the whole state would be shutdown???

If you give people precautionary guide lines to follow, requesting them to be responsible and make protection practices the utmost important thing they can do. People and businesses for the most part will take active measures and it will be better than any government restrictions. Nobody wants to be sick and businesses are not going to operate during a pandemic in a non-precautionary way. They will have their best efforts to insure that their businesses, the customers and employees are safe.

Destorying peoples lively hood, causing anxiety, panic and fear, decimating the economy is not the cure for the flu.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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