The Democratic party is becoming a lonely place as the ones who don’t want to turn to radical socialism are leaving the party in droves.

The constant barrage of attacks on the foundations of America, the leaders of the party always trying to out left each other with their gloom and doom message, the liberal loonies have driven the moderates from the party. It’s surprising at some who are leaving the Democratic party gay people, ethnic minorities and millennials. ( Just take a look at #walkaway

They’ve seen how the liberal rhetoric like helping the poor doesn’t add up. The cities and states that are run by Democrats have the most homelessness, poverty and crime and it just continues to get worse.

The left has a hateful contempt for Christian values, armed services, law enforcement and the American Flag, This leaves real American Democrats separating from the party and veterans outraged.

There was a time when the Democrats and Republicans had different views on the direction of the legislation that was presented, but the new take over of the Democratic party by the socialist is bent on the demise of anything that resembles the rights afforded by the Constitution. What the Democrats have mapped out for America is a road to hell.

With the mass exodus of people leaving the party, maybe it’s time for the Libs to place an ad to try and recruit new members but it would have to read like this.


If you have no regard for the sacrifices that have been made by so many to insure the freedoms and liberties that you enjoy; if you believe in abortion on demand; if you reject Christian values; if you want the constitution to be torn up; if you think there should be no freedom of speech; if you think law biding citizens should not have the right to own firearms; if you want someone who started his own business to be saddled with unfair taxes; if you would like the courts to decide what your rights are; if you have a desire for complete socialist control.

Then you are just what we are looking for and you have a bright future waiting for you in the Democratic Party.

I just hope in November that we put the Donkey back in the barn.

Written By : Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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