COVET-19 has become an opportunity for Democratic Governors to impose tyrannical restrictions and unconstitutional acts. Many states are looking at governmental control over their political, economic and social life.

Just look at what most of these states that are run by Democratic Governors have done: pushed through the red flag law where a neighbor, family members, ex spouses or anyone who has it out for you can call the police and have your guns taken away. Now they have a special number people can call and report if they feel someone is violating a restriction that the Governor has imposed. They say that we have to continue the lock down until it is safe. Well that leaves the door to social control wide open. Safe from what? COVET-19, safe from climate change, safe from mosquitoes or anything that they declare a crisis. Now with an almost gleeful tone announcing that it could take 2 years before we are safe from COVET-19. The point is, a shutdown plus restrictions until we are safe is ridiculous. This kind of rhetoric is just a cover for the continued consolidation of power over the state.

Living is not safe!!! There is always something that has a way of causing harm: getting struck by lighting, a spider bit, falling off a ladder, getting hit by a car, drowning. Living is risky. Every year we are going to have a flu season, sometimes worse than others. Just like there are always going to be colds, pneumonia and diseases.

Once people have spent their savings and businesses are shutdown, this will create a dire situation where people will depend on the Governor and Government for their lively hood and well being.

As people begin to protest the shutdown and restrictions they are getting labeled by the news media as radicals, white supremacist, racist and illegal demonstrator’s. When actually they are just working people with families that want their live back. But if they can whip up enough negativity that these people are out of control then they use the police to shut them down.

If you can’t see what is going on you are blind and if you don’t hear what the Governors and their policy makers are really saying you,re deaf. By using propaganda, convincing people that you are keeping them safe, is the pathway to Dictatorship.

Right now many states are at a crossroad: a right turn takes you to America, a left turn takes you to Venezuela.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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