For all intense and purposes the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a Bio Weapons research center. It is rated as a Biosafety Level 4 which is the highest risk and is one of the most restricted labs in China with the highest safety procedures and security. Hard to believe the Covid-19 was leaked by accident.

Chen Wei, a Major General of the People’s Liberation Army and China’s top military biological weapon expert was appointed to take over the Wuhan lab, sparking speculation that Covid-19 could be linked to the army and that the lab is run by the Beijing’s military.

China knew of the coronavirus on November 17,2019 and had data that a new type of virus was identified. Dr. Ai Fen, director of emergency at Wuhan Central hospital, was the one who put out early warnings and pointed out cases of a new kind of Sars-like virus. She put out warnings on social media and was reprimanded; her post was erased. In an April 1st article in New York Post by Amanda Woods, it said that Dr. Ai Fen had disappeared and whereabouts is unknown.

World Health Organization(WHO) was notified by Taiwan the last week of December 2019, that the the Wuhan Virus was spreading through human to human contact. WHO, an ally of the Chinese Communist Party, was putting out disinformation that the Chinese government was providing, when they knew the virus was spreading from human to human. They were helping the Chinese government cover up what was actually happening. On Jan 3, 2020 Chinese authorities ordered that all virus samples be destroyed and data sealed. And ordered that the Wuhan doctors be silenced. On Jan. 8, 2020 WHO put out a statement advising against any trade or travel restrictions on China. This delay ultimately led to a devastating spread of the virus. (Townhall.com March 20 ,2020

Wuhan filled with tourists to celebrate the Chinese New Year. A perfect vehicle for passing the virus on with tens of thousands exposed. Some 5 million people had left the city before they put restrictions in place.

Then you have Dr. Faucinstein, the mad scientist that worked on research that is now causing this pandemic. (New York Times, Dec 2017). Dr Fauci’s research has alarmed scientists world wide at the risk of creating a monster germ. (dailymail.com Oct 14, 2013) After a series of lab mishaps of a deadly engineered virus, President Obama order to halt funding of Fauci’s dangerous experiments.(washingtonexaminer.com). So Fauci, despite what the Obama administration said about prohibiting money to be given to any lab that was fooling around with these viruses, Dr. Fauci gave 3.7 million to the Wuhan Laboratory. Even after the State Dept. issued reports that the laboratory was unsafe. This was the only way Fauci could continue his experiments. Question?? Did Fauci help China engineer the virus? How could he have known that a pandemic, that he predicted in 2017, would occur in two years?

It’s important to remember the other player in the Covid-19 virus, the vaccine salesman. Bill Gates, the second biggest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO), basically owns the WHO. The WHO is backing the research of Moderna and Curvac, which both companies are receiving funds from the Gates foundation. And both companies have went into partnership with Shangai Fosun Pharma of China. Gates is pushing for every man , woman and child in the nation to get vaccinated. Why would a population control advocate want to save people?

There’s a whole lot more to this pandemic behind the scenes that is worse than the flu. The globalist agenda: order out of chaos, exploit every crisis to manipulate the public into consenting. When you can in still fear in the general public, from a virus that can kill them at any given moment, they will forget about the threat to their life, liberty and freedom.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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