The media updates every hour, the constant news echoing the same gibberish trying to make you think every news update that things are getting worse.

But finally it looks like some of the dark days are behind us and the sun is going to shine again. Although things will probably not be what we enjoyed before CCP flu. If we do get back to normal it’s going to take people demanding that the authorities take off the chains. The way to fight these unreasonable restrictions is through elections, sending emails and petitions. The silent majority is going to have to become active to regain the liberty and freedoms that have been taken hostage by the Governors and Mayors. Thomas Jefferson said,”I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”.

Small business are going to need to stick together and help each other. The more small businesses we lose the less chance there is of propping up the economy, rebuilding the free market and regaining the jobs that have been lost.

As Americans we are all going to have to work to repair the damage. No doubt this is going to be another struggle in American history. But like in the past our fortitude has never wavered. When a national crisis arises the American people come together and work to solve the issue.

But this is the first time we have had so many that want to see America fail. The main stream media always pounding the drum for the Socialist movement has become a cancer that can only be defeated when American values are restored in to the fabric of are everyday lives

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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  1. Amen – One solution to one of the problems is to turn off the Liberal news. Stop watching that propaganda – because that is all it is. They are a machine of the leftists, deep state, liberals, and Marxists. And yes people need to be heard on the conservative side. They need to speak with votes. Be assured that the Left will attempt to rig the elections. If everyone remembers the mid-terms – There was too many lost votes found to sway a race their way. They are not beyond cheating.


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