We are letting our history be destroyed: statues, paintings, books, historic names on buildings, bridges and streets. These are reminders of our American heritage. All this destruction is being done just ahead of Independence Day.

The Anti-Americans want to completely erase all the remembrance of the history of 244 years that has made this the greatest nation on earth. No other nation in the world has done more to raise up minorities and work to end any form of racism.

Americans of all races have fought side by side and died defending freedom around the world. There have been mistakes and things are not perfect but when you erase history you erase the lessons learned; destroying the past does not change it. You have to look at where you have been before you can make things better. If you don’t learn lessons from the past then you are doomed to repeat them.

America’s Birthday celebration, July 4th, is with out a doubt a time for Americans to be proud and thankful to God and the founding fathers for their commitment to liberty and freedom and to the many that have sacrificed and died preserving and securing the independence that millions in the world long for. When Thomas Jefferson was delegated to write the Declaration of Independence, his goal was to express the unity of Americans and to provide clear statements supporting Self- Government and Individual Rights. A quote from Thomas Jefferson, ” How little do my Countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of and which no other people on earth enjoy”.

The lock down in many states not allowing Americans to celebrate Independence Day for the first time in history because these Mayors and Governors are on a power trip. Using CCP virus as the excuse to impose their mandates. All the restrictions on gatherings and parades or church services are set in place to prevent Americans from celebrating and paying tribute on Independence Day. Unless you want to protest, riot, loot and rob then all restrictions are off.

The least restrictive states have the lower CCP virus death rates; most closed states have the highest.

South Dakota is the least restrictive state with one of lowest CCP virus death rates. They get to have parades, gatherings and all of the regular Fourth of July events at Mount Rushmore. Hats off to a great Gov. Kristi Noem.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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