We are entering a time in America that is completely unbelievable. In many areas of this country if you put out a yard sign supporting a republican you better be ready to stand guard over your property 24/7. Put a Trump bumper sticker on your car is very risky, your car could be destroyed. Wear a hat or a shirt that has an American flag on it, you can be attack and beaten. If you display any message that is not supporting Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Antifa, you become a target of their rage.

These hate groups have recruited the most violent among us to carry out their war on America. In their mission to transform America into a Socialist/ Communist nation, they have the support of the media and fearful corporations. They have given over 400 million to support their cause. Plus the money they have gotten from secret funding. It takes a huge budget just for the logistics to organize these protests. Many are professional protesters that are bused into areas that are designated by the organizers. They have no jobs and live on public assistance plus what they receive as a protester. Guess you could call them a taxpayer funded protester.

You can be fired from your job for speaking out and apposing BLM. Politicians, Governors and Mayors are giving into their demands that are forever changing. They give them what they want then they want more. The Chopsters in Seattle have the Mayor and police chief jumping through hoops and it is not hard to see who is in control there. Reducing the police department and depriving them of the ability to use what ever means they deem necessary to keep people safe and protect life and property is setting up cities like Seattle,Portland, New York and others for the likes of a criminal element that will terrorize and control the cities that have defunded police.

Who knows how this is all going to end. How many more cities are going to be burned, how many more people are going to be hurt trying to protect their property and businesses from these mobs. But the places that have allowed armed citizens to stand guard have been a successful deterrent. This just shows that when it comes to protecting family, property, your neighbor and yourself it’s up to you. Thank God we still have the Second Amendment.

Under the cover of George Floyds death many politicians and authorities have given approval of lawlessness, violence and destruction in the name of peaceful protest.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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