Chaos and mayhem: while people are masking up, the mask is coming off showing who the people are in lock step with this totalitarian assault on America. Mostly Democrats and some RINO’s. Their obsession is to get Trump out of office before the deep as dismantled and the end of the Democratic party.

Antifa is the militant wing of the Democrat party. Antifa and BLM have partnered to obliterate capitalism and create fear which will destroy the economy and they’re hoping to ruin Trumps chance for reelection.

From all perspectives this is the beginning of a revolution. Antifa announces the formation of a red army in the US. They want a shooting civil war and the BLM is at the forefront. The July fourth weekend was marred with violent attacks in major US cities. One of the most deadly week-ends in the history of the US.

The lamestream media is doing their best to down play all the violence. There has never been a time that is more important for people to get the truth so they can be prepared to take control if they have to. There are many good places you can find the truth so you can keep up on what is actually going on. Here are just a few ,, EpochTimes, One American News, and The radical left have taken control of the main stream media and they are providing cover for Antifa and the BLM.

This is no time to get complacent. BLM and Antifa are organizing to come into rural areas. Given the way that they have been operating during the day, it starts with what is called a peaceful protest then as evening comes more protesters gather and then it isn’t long till they start destroying property, robbing and burning. These protests are not spontaneous. They are the result of planning and plotting to do as much damage as possible. Let’s hope city officials are paying attention and shut it down before it starts. It’s good to know who you are fighting and what their agenda is.

Adam Swart, founder and CEO of Crowds on Demand (COD), is responsible for providing most of the professional protesters through advertising and recruiting rioters. They are paid $15.00 to $75.00 per hour to take part in a protest, 90% of BLM and Antifa are paid. Swart is hired by the likes of George Soros through the Open Society Foundation, Hillary Clinton through Onward Together and other globalist organizations. If this was the NRA or the Tea party, their assets would be seized and charges would be brought against them.

The 269 companies in the United States; listed at ( that give money to BLM and Antifa helps build their socialist anarchist movement. Where do these companies think they got their wealth from? Hard working Americans of all races. NOT RIOTERS!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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