A racist by definition is one who believes ones own racial group is superior to another.

But the liberals have a different definition: You are a racist if you say rioters burning, looting and shooting people are thugs; if you say the mayor of Chicago is not doing her job where hundreds of people are being killed and will not let the President bring in federal troops to get the city safe again; If you want to defend your property to stop it from being destroyed; If you want the police to enforce the law; If you want border security; if you’ve worked hard to become successful; if you believe in America and salute the flag that so many have fought and died for. Where will it all end? In 2020 if you do not want to be called a racist you must agree with BLM and pay reparations and give them what they want.

The racist game has become very beneficial to extort money from major companies that are scared to be labeled racists and suffer the rage of their fury of threats, in essence they are paying for protection. Politically it is a very powerful tool to get bills that would not be pushed through without the R word. The bills that have been approved and passed since 1964 to bring an end to poverty and racism amounts to 15 trillion dollars, that’s a hugemongous amount of money. Yet they still want to soak the tax payers for more money.

The R word has become a weapon that seeks to divide and destroy. It’s used to legitimize violent riots, burn, rob, and destroy property and not be punished.

Everyone is scared of being called the R word. It is pulling the country apart. You can be labeled a racist to silence you, with no proof. Once that happens the repercussions are endless. If you try to defend yourself from the accusations that you are a racist that is racist.

In modern day America racial differences are merely superficial and all groups are in the same mental world and have ability to accomplish anything. Just look at the amount of very wealthy people that are from all races.

The ones that are protesting and claiming racism are granted more patience and tolerance then would be allowed to other Americans. Using racism to cause more racism is not making things any better and is going to lead to the destruction of advances made in American solidarity to end racism.

It’s ironic that the Democrats pretend to stand with the rioters in the name of racism. They do everything they can to feed racism and keep it alive to control the Black community and maintain their power. The Democratic party was born in racism in America, founded in 1828 as a pro – slavery party. In 1866 the KKK became the political action group for the Democratic party. In 1876, an issue of Harpers Weekly showed a cartoon of two white Democrats holding a gun on a black man, with the caption that read, of course he will vote Democrat . In 1924, the Democratic convention was held at Madison Square Garden in New York and was called the Klanbake. The KKK was a very popular group with the Democrats and was welcomed greatly at the convention. This is the party of some of the most influential segregationists that are still revered by the Democrat party. Senator Strom Thurmond, Gov. Lester Maddox, Gov. George Wallace and Senator Robert Byrd. You don’t see the monuments or statues of these historical figures being pulled down.

If it wasn’t for the Democrats promulgating racism there would be NONE!

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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