That is what the Democratic National Convention is all about. You have the Biden’s corrupt dealings in the Ukraine; Obama’s spying and using the FBI to create faults documents against President Trump during the 2016 campaign; also trying to protect his legacy that is being dismantled one by one because of the bad policies he put in place: Hillary Clinton being investigated on emails and Benghazi. All this goes away if they can get Trump out of office and fire people that he has appointed. Then they can start to rebuild the Deep State.

They have tried everything to destroy Trump and this is their last shot. If they don’t get it done, their party is a sinking ship.

Instead of spending time kicking Trump around who has had the greatest economy, lowest unemployment, the highest amount of minorities ever employed with many becoming wealthy during his 4 years; and a booming stock market. They should be saying what they can do better. President Trump has put into place 121 accomplishments that are beneficial and move the country forward.

Then here comes the magical Coronavirus the Democrats finally had a tool they could use to start destroying everything that was good. Imagine where we would be if the roaring successes that were happening back in December 2019 if we would not had to face the Democratic shutdown of the country.

The Democrat convention was full of Trump bad, Biden good. There were no real significant issues laid out.

Just look at the Democratic controlled cities and states-they’re a mess. The nations cities are being destroyed and not one word at the Democratic Convention on how they would handle the violence and convulsing destruction. Common criminals are left running the cities, putting down demands and if not met promising more violence. The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, has 100 police officers stationed at her house to protect her; in a city rampant with violence and a shortage of police. All because she didn’t want President Trump to send in troops to get control of the city back. This same scenario is happening in many of the Democratic controlled cities. The Democratic Mayors and Governors have abandon the police. This is a crisis and every time President Trump wants to send in help they throw up their hands and say stay away, we got everything under control.

Not Biden nor any other Democrat speaker addressed this. They must think cities being destroyed is not important. Their socialist agenda is all that counts.

Why any one thinks that a Democratic leadership is a good way to go is beyond reason. They have not stated one idea that they can use to improve anything. If you want to see the Constitution get trashed, high unemployment, mass immigration, no restriction on abortion, be taxed to the hilt for free college, free healthcare, pay a ton of money for green energy, then Biden/ Harris should be your choice. When Michelle Obama said ” If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and will if we don’t make a change.” She is absolutely right. The one thing that needs to be changed is the Democratic control of the House. If we put Democrats in control of all three branches of government you can kiss America good-bye.

Written By Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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