The ones that want to get Trump out of office at any cost have created a monster that they can’t control. Using George Floyd’s death as a reason to start a wave of riots with the blessing of the Democratic leaders saying that it was a continuance of the racist police killings of black people which documented records show are completely false. Systematic nationwide study from the University of Maryland debunks the commonly-held belief that white police officers unfairly target black and brown citizens in use of lethal force. Also National Academy of Sciences published August 2019 that there is no wide spread racism in the police departments. George Floyd’s death was a tragedy, but is being used as a ploy. According to the medical examiners report the death was caused by a combination of fentanyl, with methamphetamine ingestion and cannabinolds.

What we have here is is a plan to make President Trump look bad. But he has time and time again offered to help these cities and states to get control back and they have flatly refused. That says only one thing, stay out of the way, we want these riots to continue so we can hopefully get Trump out of office.

Now Marxists are in control of the Democrats and they are the ones that the leaders of the Democrat Party will have to listen and obey their demands. Even if the Democrats manage to take control of the Government the Marxists will continue their quest to put their people in positions of power to control the administration and the cabinet to enforce their Marxist agenda.

If the new Democratic administration resists there will be more unrest. The revolution will grow until finally it will be concession after concession. Eventually the Marxist regime will win full control and America will be lost.

If this isn’t a good reason to vote for President Trump and most of the members of the Republican Party then you must hate freedom and liberty. Because this is the only thing that is standing in their way of being able to completely destroy America.

If you think this is a completely crazy rant then go to places that publish the facts and read for yourself. It’s your future, it’s your children’s future, it’s your grandchildren’s future. Don’t believe the propaganda that is in the main stream media, Public schools system, colleges, and universities. Here are a few places you can really find out what is going on. Epoch Times (Truth and Tradition), American Thinker, The Blaze,, One American News Network (, Daily Caller, ( Because without America, there is no free world.), Gateway Pundit, the, and there are many more.

Most of your mainstream news outlets are controlled by Chinese influence. Take a look at The Federalist article by Chrissy Clark: A Rundown of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties to China.

Get the facts you need the best informed decisions when picking leaders. It’s your future and your country, if you want to stay a free country then you have to participate and be vigilant. One of the differences between Capitalism and Marxism is when you have a Marxist government you don’t have to waste your time voting.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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