The possibility of out right chaos and violence to evolve on Nov. 4 is a concern that should be paid attention to . There are several sources that say Antifa, BLM , Occupy Wall Street and groups like the New Afrikan Black Panther Party are going to join forces in many of the major cities to revolt if President Trump gets reelected (which looks like a good chance he will be). Although Antifa and Black Lives Matter say that they are only planning peaceful protests but as we have seen this year, peaceful protests get very destructive and violent.

In any case, whether this becomes a reality or not, being prepared for the worst and praying for the best is a good idea. If any of this happens the supply chain will be broken. Food and necessary items that you need will be in short supply, if they are even available. You have seen what happened when the panic of COVIT-19 occurred. If they decide to siege the major cities, blocking entrances and exits, cutting off all resources that sustain the vital necessities, very little if any kind of goods will be shipped. I’ve spent 26 years as an over the road truck driver and I’ve seen the effect of major hurricanes, earthquakes, storms and other disasters have caused with the distribution of goods. But that was just in spots, not nationwide. This will be fifty times worse.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared and err on the side of caution. Besides food might become hard to get. Banks could be closed for a week or two because most banking headquarters are in major cities. Credit cards might be shutoff so cash will be the only thing that you will be able to buy what ever is available.

It’s important to stay informed using reliable sources such as; Epoch Times, The Blaze, One American News network (, and there are more. But search out and find factual news that will keep you on top of events that will effect you and your family. It’s important to stay informed but it’s more important to be prepared.

I hope and pray that it does not come to this, but I never thought I would see a time in America when lawlessness running rampant would be accepted as an expression of free speech. Since May 25, everyday there has been peaceful protests. An expression of free speech with the result of thousands of businesses destroyed, over a hundred people have been killed and 2 billion dollars in damage and it ain’t over yet. Who are the ones that keep adding fuel to the fire? The Democratic leaders, Democrat Governors and Mayors stating they have a right to protest and you can’t prevent them from protesting because a few people got out of hand. Saying the President can not send in Federal Troops to stifle free speech. Only now they start to condemn it. But it’s too late. These groups have been given a pass too long and they have grown and become more organized and dangerous. Now it’s going to take a major conflict to get things under control.

Remember when you’re voting who encouraged chaos and destruction and refused to accept the help offered to get these cities under control. Who has been wanting to help these cities that are being destroyed by taking action to put a stop to the lawlessness and keep America safe. You have only two choices: Democrats who do nothing or Republicans building a better, safer tomorrow for everyone.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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