Seattle and Portland are two very prosperous cities that have fallen into the deep liberal abyss. This is sad to see because of the very real possibility ( with the leaders that are voted in time and time again) these cities are not coming back. The people in charge can’t make or fix anything when businesses are being destroyed and not rebuilt and hundreds of them moving out and not coming back.

There’s no one that feels safe after they have defunded the police to the point of being inconsequential. The tourist Industry is pretty much gone and the desire to hold conventions is becoming less and less. Who would want to have a major convention in a place that does not have adequate law enforcement and crime just keeps getting worse. Just goes to show your future, your lively hood and your safety depends on the people you put in charge.

If it wasn’t for both of these cities having shipping ports that are vital to the US economy, they would become nothing more than hoodlum ghettos. The Mayor of Seattle and the Mayor of Portland have not done anything to stop the destruction and lawlessness that has torn these cities a part and it is getting worse day by day.

The amount of damage that has been done, the cost to repair, rebuild and clean up is going to be astronomical. And this with budgets that are rapidly becoming depleted. The city leaders in both Seattle and Portland have made a huge mess and have no answers for fixing it…

So what’s the answer? You have to start finding the smartest, most experienced people that have the desire to take charge of the challenge they have been handed and vote them in. Bad leaders are elected by good people who don’t vote. Participation and being informed is the way to change the damage that has been done.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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