The National election has become a struggle against Socialism. Just to be clear the left is the driving force behind socialism in America: Socialism is Anti-America. Why have the ignorant become so in love with socialist ideology and want to abandon freedom? Socialism is a falsehood. It offers everything but delivers nothing.

America is a Constitutional Republic form of government where the sovereignty rests with the people through their representatives. Socialism is( Marxism) when the state has control of every aspect of society and means of production and wealth.

What would America look like under Socialism? It won’t be the happiest place on earth. Let’s just look at the most recent economy to go whole-hog over socialism(Venezuela), where before they went socialist it’s citizens were richer than people in Great Britain. Things went south in a hurry. Nationalism of industries, price and currency controls, rationing, poor health care, political instability and widespread government control of the economy. Crime is running rampant, food shortages, health care is limited with unreasonable wait times, wages are so low there’s hardly enough to supply the basic needs.

If the Democrats happen to snag the key to the Oval Office and they start putting their trademark proposals in play, they will kick everyone off their private insurance plans and they will have to impose a 19% tax to pay for government health care.. They will cut the payments to hospitals by 40 percent forcing most rural hospitals to go bankrupt. All the programs that the Democrats want to put in place will cause payroll taxes to skyrocket. Since millennials represent the bulk of the work force, they will bear the brunt of the new taxation that will be imposed. So question: why are they so eager to grab on to socialism? Because all through their years of public education, they been brain washed capitalism bad socialism good. So what’s with some of the senior citizens that should know better that are going to get hurt the worst. They believe the Democrat lie that they care about the elderly. They better start looking at the way the elderly are treated in socialist countries. As in China, Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela the programs that the Democrats are putting out mirror whats going on in these countries. The Democrats like to point to the Nordic countries to show how well Socialism works. But Nordic countries are not Socialist, they practice what is called compassionate capitalism. They have a free market economy paired with high taxes that pay for generous government entitlement programs. That is nothing like what these deranged Marxists want for America.

So if you would like to give 70% of your wages for limited health care, support illegal immigrants, reparations, Planned Parenthood killing millions of babies, The New Green deal and a corrupt political system and if you live in the fantasy world that your going to get all the free things they promise then you are ignorant enough to vote Democrat.

If Trump is not re-elected the transition from Constitutional Republic to a Socialist style Marxist government will start rolling in at a record pace with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Cortez and the rest of the squad in place to trash the Constitution and push their polices which will be the death of America.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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