Born in 1948 in a small town in southern Washington, A place where it was just fun being a kid. There was always plenty to do, didn’t have any expensive toys or gadgets but there was a lot of things you could use to make what ever you wanted.

On Sunday most everyone in town went to church and if there wasn’t a potluck after the service there were people that went to each others home for dinner and fellowship.

I remember when soldiers were coming home after the Korean War and to me each one of them was a hero. In town they were honored and respected greatly.

In 1957 we moved to Spokane. Things were a lot different and it took me a while to adjust. But it wasn’t long and my parents bought me a new three speed bike. It was a beauty! It had a carrier on it so I could go to the store and pickup what ever my Mom needed.

I remember that summer was when Elvis Presley came to Spokane. My brother who was 8 years older than me got tickets to go see the show. The early years of Rock and Roll was a great era and without a doubt the best talented performers in the world. Music that is still popular today. I loved that time in America. Those where truly happy days.

School was a fun time but it was no nonsense environment. The teachers would tell you the first day what was expected and the rules. When you broke the rules there were consequences. The Ten Commandments were on the wall at the front of the class. The American was in a stand on the floor at the front of the class and you recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. If you got in trouble at school you got punished at school and when you got home (a double whammy). Elementary, Junior High and High School all the same.

I remember in 1958, the first baseball game I went to, the Spokane Indians against the San Diego Padres. They played the National Anthem and everyone stood with their hand on their heart, then the announcer blared out let’s play ball. What an exciting time! Some of the players became famous big leaguers like Maury Wills. What a fun time. I loved baseball from then on.

The first Presidential election that I got interested in was 1960, John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon. That was a very intense campaign. Everyone had there opinion on who should win but it wasn’t as vicious as today’s environment. Kennedy won. The economy boomed and he began a dramatic expansion into the space program and was committed to putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade. In 1969 the moon landing was accomplished. All of America was in awe at what we had just achieved.

These are just a few of the greatest parts of American life and times that no other people on earth have experienced.

With freedom and liberty as our strength we have survived the worst of times wars, recessions and disasters, and what ever has been thrown at us. We’re Americans and we have the will and desire to make things better and constantly improving the country. That so many have fought and died to give us what we enjoy today.

I love America because it is the most God fearing , giving nation on earth. We stood by our allies when they were threatened. We are the first to give humanitarian aid when disaster strikes and the amount of foreign aid that is given to help many countries is enormous.

I love America because my family and I have a good life and enjoy the freedom that is afforded to us and every American guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

Written By Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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