We all need to learn from President Trump. No President has been attacked, ridiculed, mocked threatened and vilified so viciously. When they come at him he stands up and fires back. It’s a great feeling to have a leader that doesn’t back down and give into the hate filled liberals, the Hollywood loonies and the socialist media.

The rhetoric of impeachment began immediately after he was elected. Then came the Russian Collusion which was a complete fabrication. Every riot, every Back person that gets shot, every hurricane, tornado, every wildfire anything bad that happens is Trump’s fault. The liberal media comes up with a mantra and they all sing the same thing over and over again trying to sell their liberal agenda.

But the truth is President Trump (having to wade through all this liberal manusha) has made amazing accomplishments and delivered on what he promised. When the liberals, throwing everything at him to ruin him , he just gets more determined and never quits fighting for the American people. President Trump didn’t need to be President. He has got plenty of money and had a great life. But he couldn’t stand by and watch America slipping into the hands of the socialists. He truly loves America wants to restore its founding principles. GOD willing, President Trump will get four more years so he can keep restoring the principles that this country was founded on. But the American people are going to have to support actions that are being presented to preserve and protect the Constitution and put a stop to all these voting fraud SHENANIGANS that the liberals are using.

We have just witnessed the most corrupt election in US history and hopefully the recounting will produce the correct out come. The people have to put pressure on Congress and state officials for voter ID to be required to vote.

We must never quit shining the light on this evil. The consequences are too great. Defunding the police (that’s what keeps society from desending into violent chaos); teaching lies instead of the truth about the miracle of American history and anything goes sex-ed in our schools. Our churches and synagogues are endangered. We must be like President Trump and be relentless in fighting to keep American free. It’s our country, It’s our future.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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