Ignorance of what it is the liberals are doing is what allows them to move the Socialist agenda and fulfill their appetite for the kind of control that will put this country and the people in submission. When they can separate people to keep them from communicating with one another sharing about what they have read, what they have seen and what they know. Bad people fool good people into following evil because they don’t think for themselves.

The move of using the coronavirus to keep people from attending church shows that the liberals must believe in GOD because they don’t want the faithful gathering . They are afraid of the power of prayer. No Christmas services, no families getting together to pray and celebrate Christ’s Birthday, no Christmas plays and no caroling. They want to eliminate Christmas. This is just another way to silence Christians and their moral believes.

They shutdown churches but BLM and Antifa protests ( that turn into riots) get preferential treatment.

Through wars, disasters, plagues and pandemics the people of faith have come together in their churches and synagogues and prayed for the nation to be healed. But not now if people gather to pray at a time when are nation is in peril, the authorities will be called to levy fines. Is this really America anymore? We all need to wake up and see what is really going on. Liberalism is just piecemeal Socialism.

Socialism doesn’t work if you have people that believe in GOD, the Bible and morality as their sustaining values. For Socialism to work people must put all their faith in the state and depend on the government to provide for them.

Three things that Socialism has to destroy to survive is religion because it offers rival authority to the state, the family because it rivals loyalty and property because it means independence. Socialism must maintain power over the people and these three things are not acceptable.

The Socialist have been using the coronavirus to carry out their plan to disconnect America from traditional Christianity.

But the power of prayer when people come together can restore America and defeat Socialism.

Let this Christmas be a time of thankfulness and prayer.

When people were being persecuted for their faith, they prayed to GOD for a place where they could have the freedom to worship. GOD provided a way and they came to America to practice the freedom and liberty that they desired. It’s up to us to keep it.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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