When there is only one group deciding how elections will be performed and putting in place election officials that are very much dedicated to control the out come with the help of big tech. They are the ones that built and designed the voting machines and they have a strong relationship with foreign interests.

Without free and fair elections the American people lose the ability to choose who will represent them.

If the integrity of our free election is taken from us, there will not be America as we know it, will become a globalist system and a world government system.

How did we get to this place that we now let these bureaucrats define what kind of voting system will be used and then push it through to the state legislatures to put it in place.

We use to have a system in every state that required you had to go to the polls and show voter ID to get your ballot to show. You also had to have an excuse to receive an absentee ballot. This type of voting had a 97% of honest election out comes. This gave the candidate that appeared to have the most honest reputation and appeal as a concerned American wanting to accomplish an agenda to make things better had the best chance of winning.

To the socialist that had been working behind the scenes in government positions, these type of people coming to Washington D.C. were a threat to their hopes and dreams of controlling the government. They kept blocking their moves that they used to work Congress for the purpose of the socialist agenda.

The bureaucrats started saying that voter ID was racist, discriminatory and deprived many voters who don’t have any form of ID. These voters are disproportionately low-income and ethic minorities. But they don’t have any trouble showing ID to buy beer, cigarettes, pot or cash a stimulus check. Then the same people that can’t get to the polls because the live to far away and can’t afford transportation but they have no problem getting to the store, pot shop, or McDonald’s in their electric wheel chairs or walking or riding the bus. Now they have the Covid-19 sham that everyone has to maintain social distancing. That is unless your protesting or going to Walmart. The fact is that any excuse will do as long as the Democrats can cheat to win.

If Biden and Harris do make it to the White House and throw open the borders, they think that the people coming in will be the Democrats constituents.

This is why we have to demand strict voter regulations that require ID, you have to be a US citizen and the only mail in voting is the military or you have an excuse for an absentee ballot.

Make a mailing list and send a simple letter or email each week demanding fair and honest elections to your State Legislators and Secretary of State.

The most precious right that we Americans have is free elections. If we don’t protect the vote then we lose all rights.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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