Out of touch politicians in Washington D.C. are wielding their power to turn state legislatures into their regional agencies. Federal regulations passed down to the the states have typically cost the states 25% percent of their economy.

It’s time for the people to rein in control of an oppressive government. Washington D. C. has complete disrespect for states to have the say on what decisions that are solely state issues. They keep control of the states through federal funding programs so if they don’t comply they will cut the money off. The thought of loosing federal dollars strikes fear in the state Governors and legislatures.

We need to stop the federal addiction to spending America’s future, enslaving coming generations. It is a moral obligation to protect liberty for ourselves and future generations by putting a stop to the overreach of the elites in Washington D.C.

Our Founding Fathers, thank God, were concerned that what we are seeing now in government would happen. So they provided for a way out. A tool that would give the power back to the people. Article V of the United States Constitution gives us a chance to regain the type of government that was envisioned in the eyes of the Founding Fathers.

This is what the Convention of States is all about. This is a movement that is building steam and is the best last hope to safeguard or liberties permanently.

Article V provides for states to make amendments that limit the federal governments control.

It requires 34 states to call a convention and 38 to ratify amendments.

The President and founder of the Convention of States is Mark Meckler. He is an attorney and was the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. He loves this nation and wants to preserve the God given freedoms that this country affords.

Convention of States is a grassroots movement:

Mark has an interview with Glenn Beck on YouTube 1/26/2021. There he explains in brief detail the Convention of States. Also you can view: https.//

I urge everyone to check out the Convention of States if you want to give a future back to yourselves, your children and grandchildren. Because if their isn’t something done to bring back strict Constitution rule, we run the risk of being a slave to the government’

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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