A nation can lose it’s wealth but once it loses the morality that defines what is right and wrong it has lost it all.

Morality can not be mandated by executive order or by a bill passed in federal or state government. You can’t replace or change the tried and tested moral order that was handed down by God.

We have changed the moral code to fit the behavior of the LGBT and Planned Parenthood part of are society and not the ethical and cultural standards that America had in place to set values and order in the families, the schools and the churches. But we have now glamorized and legalized immorality and implied that virtue is an outdated concept.

Equality Act H.R. 5;S393: Now we are suppose to believe that there is no difference between a boy and a girl. This is a complete abomination of the order of humanity. Because some people lead a deviant life style they get special protections. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights gives all people the same protections and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 expands the protections against discrimination based on color, religion, sex , national origin, and sexual orientation and gender identity. But that is not good enough . With the Equality Act there are no rules. Males can say they are a woman and use the same bathrooms, the same locker rooms, the same college dorms as women. They can participate in women and girls sports.

This Equality Act is a weapon that the LGBT and Planned Parenthood is using to infiltrate the biological order of nature that is taught in the religious institutions and faith based schools. Churches that don’t conform and adopt the new abhorrent rules could be forced to close. It is an unprecedented assault on Christianity. This Equality Act would further advance state sex-ed curriculum in schools to be mandatory. No more opt-out choice for parents or schools. This would enable Planned Parenthood to provide hormone treatment services for students without parental approval. Students that believe in the science that there are boys and girls, will be counseled to bring them in line with the curriculum.

The Equality Act Bill has nothing to do with equality. It is specifically designed to give one particular group superior rights over the majority.

If this bill passes we are moving into a very dangerous area superseding the laws of nature. These fools that support this would be well advised to read Genesis 19, verses 23 through 29. The ramifications of their actions could be the demise of the future.

We need to pray that this bill will not see the light of day in the Senate. Contact the Senate and your Senator to vote against the Equality Act H.R. 5; S. 393 US capital switchboard [202]224-3121. It’s important that what ever we can do to make our concerns known that this Act is not beneficial and is detrimental to society.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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