How did we get so far away from a limited Government and the Constitutional rule of law? Too many including my self were not paying attention. From the time I was twenty-one until I was sixty, I was busy with my job and taking care of my family.

My whole political involvement was voting and that was all I did. Not taking time to hold the people that i voted for accountable by writing or calling them to voice my disdain when they didn’t take a stand against government grabbing power that interfered with the rights and liberties that is the foundation of our society.

Power corrupts and the more power government gets the more corrupt it becomes The Constitution guarantees our rights and freedoms but the ones calling the shots in positions of power are constantly looking for ways to acquire more power and control over the lives of the American citizens. That is why we must be forever watchful and doing what ever we can to hold back the continuing assault on our freedoms and liberties.

The Supreme court has taken absolute power to decide what is constitutional and what is not. They have overstepped their reason for their existence. They twist and shape their rulings into any form they please.

The late Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, quizzed his new law clerks to recall the amendment procedures set out in Article V. When they were struggling to answer he held up all five fingers outstretched indicating five votes on the Supreme Court is what changes the Constitution.

The out of control spending by too many that are elected to Congress believe their job is to increase spending and increase debt and if they do a really good job they can give themselves a raise.

I do not want to hand down to my children, my grand-children or any future generations a heap of debt and the domination of totalitarianism ( extreme control over public and private life.)

Thank God our Founding Father’s gave us away to close the gate on the overreach of government. They knew that there would be a time that government would go beyond their limits. That’s the reason we have Article V in the United States Constitution. The Convention of States project is important to bring the power back to the people. Go to the and sign the petition.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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