It’s time to put a stop to these career politicians from taking advantage of the position that they were elected into. They forget what the original intent was. The reason they were voted in was because of the things they said that they were going to get done. But after two terms they forget what it was they said and what they were going to accomplish.

Because now they enjoy the perks ,power and prestige that they have acquired. Most worry about their next election more than the concerns of their constituents.

It was meant to be a citizens legislature. To serve short time then return and live under the laws they made. The vision has been lost. They have the idea that they are entitled to a life time position.

The Founding Fathers originally only paid Senators and Representatives a ” Per Diem” amount while in session. Why? Because the Founding Fathers knew if Congress ever were to be paid salaries ( which they could vote to increase themselves), then Congress would no longer be of the people but rather ‘Above the People’.

They wanted those in Congress to be subject to the same economic and financial conditions as the rest of the Nation based upon the laws they had passed.

Senator Robert Byrd was nicknamed the “King of Pork” because of his pork barrel spending. He was in the House for 6 years before going to the Senate for 51 years for a total of 57 years and retired at the age of 91.

Don Young has been in the House of Representatives 47 years and still serving at the age of 88. He’s famous for trying to appropriate money to build the bridge to no where in Alaska.

The list goes on! Most of the ones in Congress have been there over 35 years. And as time goes on, getting reelected and seeing how much money they can grab out of the national treasury is what they spend most of their time doing.

Seems like the more we pay them the longer they’re in office and the less they pay attention to the Constitution to guard are freedoms and work for the good of the people.

Term limits is one of the major amendments that the Convention Of States wants to set in place. The Convention of States are the only ones that are working to restore government back to the people, the way it was intended. Go to conventionofstates.com and sign the petition.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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