The Democratic Socialist party is in control of the government. If you think it’s bad now just see what happens if they are able to maintain the House and Senate along with the hold they have on the Executive branch in 2022. They will then be able to deal the final blow that will completely destroy America. The only thing that is holding them back is fear that if they put in place everything they have planned the people would wake up and it would strike fear in the the people and their power grab would be lost in the 2022 election.

To many people don’t understand the consequences of not finding out who the person running for office really is. What’s the candidate fought for, what their voting record is, where are the big donations to their campaign coming from and I think this is really important if they are a supporter of the Convention of States (COS). If so they are for a balanced budget, term limits and limited government; putting a stop to a runway congress that keeps advancing government more and more in charge of our lives. With the Biden administration we are not governed, we are ruled by executive orders.

But we can write our own future as long as there is a spark of freedom left , there is hope.

Restoring freedom has to start in your own backyard. Placing people in leadership positions that believe in the Constitution and the bill of Rights whether it be school board, city council, board of county commissioners or state legislatures.

Phone calls, letters, petitions, emails; doing what you canto educate and communicate. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Letting people know their freedom is at risk and it’s time to start holding elected leaders accountable and uphold the oath they took.

The fight for America’s was accomplished by 10% of the total population 231,000. Today we have 1,326,000 conservative patriots which is 40% of the total population. When you subtract all the people that don’t participate in government elections, there are enough to take back America from the anti-American Socialist. Hopefully there has been enough light shined on all the voting fraud that the 2022 election will be more difficult to manipulate. But will take everyone that wants to preserve freedom and keep the rights that are afforded to the American people to get out and vote.

But this country was founded on Godly principles and that has to be reestablished. Without God first this country will not prevail but will fall.

Visit the; and sign the petition

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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