With the rapid decline of independence we are now facing a government that’s out of control and set on making this a socialist country. There’s never been a time more important when we need to look back at the time when this country had to fight a tyrannical government to secure freedom and independence. It’s time to learn the true meaning of Independence Day!

Dr. Joesph Warren was an outstanding American patriot who actually inspired the American Revolution.

He was constantly putting up resistance against British control of the colonies. The unfair taxes that were imposed and sent to Britain, the Parliament in Britain governing the colonies with no representation and completely inequitable laws.

Warren dedication and passion to the cause of liberty was unwavering. He said ” I will set America free or die.”

On April 18, 1775, Warren sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride and warn the local patriots that the British troops were being sent to fight against them.

On June 13, 1775, Warren learned that the British planned to send troops to take control of the unoccupied hills surrounding Boston.

Two weeks before the battle of Bunker Hill, Warren penned a letter to the New York assembly begging them for gunpowder. He said we don’t have enough gunpowder and the British are coming.

On June 17, 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill took place. There were 1,500 American patriots which included 100 African American patriots dug in on the hill using everything they had to fight the battle. The British had 2,400 troops well armed and supplied to the teeth.

Then on the morning June 17, 1775 the British charged up the hill and the patriots pushed them back. The British took heavy casualties. Then the British charged up the hill again and the patriots pushed the British back. And then the British charged up the hill again and this time the patriots ran out of gunpowder. New York didn’t have any gunpowder to give them.

Joesph insisted on staying on the front line to give the rest a chance to escape. He pulled out his sword but with in seconds was shot in the head. Then they dismembered his body, urinated on it and covered it with dirt.

This battle ended all negotiations between the colonies and England. It was the beginning in the quest for freedom and liberty in America thanks to patriots like Dr. Joseph Warren.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


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  1. Good read. The young of today would rather live off the govt. stolen money than to fight for their freedom.
    The next generation will be slaves of the govt., completely brainwashed by the schools and media/entertainment.


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