The American education establishment that once was the envy of the world is now a crumbling disaster putting future generations at risk.

The United States is being out paced by dozens of other countries. It now ranks 27th in the world. That puts us below Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.

The decline in education didn’t happen over night. As more teachers got inoculated into Socialism, they felt it was their job to teach the liberal and progressive causes.

The obsession with social and emotional learning is a fixation to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) Comprehensive Sex-ED (CSE) and Social Justice instead of teaching based-education for accountability in academic achievement. American students have been taken hostage in mind deadening factories of socialism. Only one side of the ideology is taught and is not open for critical discussion and it is all under the umbrella of raising awareness.

Over the passed decade there has been an even “bigger” decline in mathematics, writing, or reading. In large part thanks to common core. Graduation rates are up because the corners are being cut through out with the fudging of grade scores and attendance. Many are coasting through by inflated grades.

Students imagination and creativeness or to be resourceful have become dead zones as the one thing public education strives for is to standardize students so everyone is on the same level. It is designed to propel students from the working class into brain dead jobs and the ones that don’t fall in line will drop out and be left on the streets or face a life of crime. While the elite class and the ones that can afford it will send their children to private or charter schools who will be trained in academics.

Students that are falling behind should be able to be tutored and encouraged to stay in school. Showing them what life is like with an education and without. No student left behind.

The state legislators that decide what the curriculum will be for public schools do not send their children to attend public schools and 22% of public school teachers send their children to private schools.

The teachers unions ever ending demands for increasing salaries, benefits and pensions requiring tax payers to support a dysfunctional system. When they graduate they should be proficient in core subjects. There should also be apprenticeships and internships. This is the way we move America forward. If we keep moving away from educating and training, we loose.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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