What once was the most powerful country in the world has fallen into insolvency and is descending into socialism; a country that was build on morality and self- reliance.

This socialist transition, that we are going through, will at one point soon stop being tolerated. The resistance to accept the implementation of a central authority will spark a peaceful rebellion and revive the American spirit. Americans have a strong desire to have the opportunity to survive and prosper. How we respond to this tyrannical instability regime will determine if we rebuild America and defeat Globalism.

Who will save America? it isn’t one group or one person; it will be Americans working together. The middle class that make the wheels of this country turn. The people that love America! They come in all colors and all different nationalities. Americans thrive on competition to compete with larger businesses through innovation, production and entrepreneurs. There have been many attempts to discourage American people from becoming self-reliant through taxation and regulation. That hasn’t worked and neither will socialism.

Who will save America? We over 247 different patriotic advocacy groups that are basically grassroots in nature. They are supported by an estimated 120 million people. They are groups like The Convention of States that are working tirelessly to get state legislators to sign on to bring power back to the people where it belongs. This is an ambitious movement that is gaining strong support. There are a lot of young people as well as older and people of all colors. They are no respecter of persons as long as you are for American values. Visit them at: conventionofstates.com

American Family Association (AFA) lobbies to strengthen traditional families and hold life scared.

Americans For Prosperity that work to insure greater prosperity for all Americans by lowering taxes and less government regulation.

Peoples Rights (peoplevrights.org) This group works neighbor with neighbor defending the rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

There are so many different patriotic groups that are working everyday for America.

Who is going to save America? It is some of the new people in Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Loren Boebart, Cliff Bentz, and the the list goes on. These 17 women and 26 men are freshman making a stand against this socialist take over. And there are more coming in 2022.

Who is going to save America? It is the Constitutional Sheriffs who defends peoples Constitutional rights and defy or disregard mandates, restriction, and laws that are deemed unconstitutional.

The torch of freedom might be dim but take heart; I believe there is enough patriot loving Americans to make it shine bright again. Pray for AMERICA that GOD will bless and keep us a free nation!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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