This is a tactic that the liberals have been perfecting at warp speed since the 2020 election. Deep State is the main driver: keeping us distracted while they are building a police state.

Using Jan. 6 as a tool to vilify anyone who is a Trump supporter or identifies as a Republican is a domestic terrorist. Anyone who associates with them could be threatened to be investigated or be audited by the IRS.

Using pandemic fear to separate: vaccinated good, not vaccinated bad. Using this to separate families and friends. Critical Race Theory: white people bad, black people good. Teaching white children to hate their parents and children of color blaming white children for everything bad that has happened. These Socialist Marxist that are running the country are manufacturing racism to gain control.

Everything they are doing is to turn American people against each other. Believe me they are working 24/7 doing everything they can to hold on to government so that the 2022 elections don’t turn socialism back to just a radical ideology in America.

People have to realize what is going on. Everything that they are pushing is a diversion so they can put their Marxist government in place before people realize what has happened.

So we can not take are eyes off the prize of winning America back. That’s what’s at stake and we all have to work together. This is a revolution and we are at war for the soul of America. Information is knowledge and the more people that are informed the more we can push back.

The wokacats have attacked American customs, history, and literature using Critical Race Theory as a weapon to try and destabilize and overthrow America. The public school system is taking this curriculum on hoping that it will spread like cancer.

We need to pick are battles wisely. That means confronting the school boards and speaking out that the people that pay the bills are not going to allow this social engineering indoctrination any longer. Not doing business with any business that is supporting and forcing their employees to go through the Critical Race Training as a condition of employment.

Let our voices be heard loud and clear on the radio, newspaper or any platform that is available. Not to be concerned about people calling you a racist or a white supremacist. These are tactics they use to silence you. Because you have the facts about what they are trying to accomplish and they can’t have the truth getting out.

There are a lot of good people running for office in 2020 and we need to work to support what ever we can do to get them in office.

Like I said, we have to pick our battles and work together. What we are going through is a bigger attack than Pearl Harbor was on America, so I know we can defeat the Marxist.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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