High inflation is created by reducing supply; prices increase because of demand; raising taxes causes prices to increase on everything; Government regulation; increasing the national debt without corresponding growth.

This everything the currant administration is doing. The socialist know that if you have prosperity you can’t control the people but if you have people in economic despair then they will start depending on government to supply their needs and they will be much easier to manipulate. And right now they have everything in place to keep tightening the screws on their socialist machine to eliminate the middle class.

So you might ask, how do they expect to keep winning elections when they keep making the economy worse? Answer, ninety days before an election they will set in place temporary tax reductions and increase supply. Things won’t be great but they will be better than they were. That’s when they will campaign that they have the economy starting to turn around and that they will have to be reelected to keep things moving forward. But the truths if the Marxists (Democrats) get voted back in the good times are over for good.

Right now Americans are fighting back by increasing the shadow economy. There are groups that are buying and selling their used stuff and not buying new, trading labor, making needed items and either selling or trading. More people are planting gardens. The second hand store business is booming. There is a growing percentage of Americans that are finding more ways to confront this contrived inflation and is having an effect on taxes collected and the corporate globalist big box stores. It is just a good idea to tighten down on spending and hanging on to your money for the time being so you are not feeding the Marxist Monster.

When we get the House and the Senate back in conservative hands and they cut taxes and reduce unnecessary regulations, then you will see a booming economy the likes that world has never seen. Americans are hungry to get back doing business; that’s what we do.

For the next 16 months we have to work doing everything we can to make sure the right people get elected the ones that believe in making America great again.

Resistance of tyranny is the duty of each American and to have faith in God. We must defend the rights which heaven gave us and let no man take them from us!


Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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