The plan was to instill fear with a lab created virus, then show people how to be saved from getting infected by taking the jab of a gene altering chemical concoction.

This has been in the works for years. The main players have heavily invested money and have partnered with Dr. Fauci ( The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases) in the creation of a virus and an mRna serum. The likes of Bill gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Black Rock Investments, and a long list of Globalist elites. Wuhan lab was just the manufacturing facility.

The mask was just a control test to see if people would submit to mandates. It worked so well that they went a step farther and put lockdowns in place. I’m sure they were amazed, who would have ever believed that you could shutdown American small businesses without hardly any push back and leave corporate businesses left alone to flourish.

All the sudden Dr. Fauci became the new Wizard Of Oz. What ever he said was what had to be done.

The trap was set to lure people in to being injected with a bio-chemical weapon. If they wanted life to get back to normal they had to take the shot. Now they became guinea pigs for the new mRna gene therapy experiment.

COVID became the control mechanism allowing both state and federal governments to have total control. Destroying the Constitution the family unity, religious gatherings, and freedom.

But things are not going as well as what the globalist had hoped for. Not as many people are getting vaccinated in the numbers that they had anticipated. Millions of doses are expiring and now they are threatening people losing their jobs if they don’t take the shot.

More Americans are becoming aware of the lies and deception that have been perpetrated on them the last 20 months. There are a lot of people that believe this could be the” Mark of the Beast”; it fits the biblical description.

But there is a beacon of hope as more Americans become educated, refusing to take the jab.

The more people that don’t comply the less control they have. Americans are freedom fighters and that’s one thing the globalist’s can’t destroy is the faith in God and the inherent nature to be free and protect the God given rights we have. The history of American freedom and liberty has been accomplished by resistance not by submission.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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