The Biden administration, which is really run by Obama, Biden is just the manikin in the window and he will do what he is told as long as the ice cream keeps coming.

Let’s look at the dysfunctional policies since this regime has been in charge: Defund the border wall, open border policy allowing floods of illegals coming into collect public assistance, anti energy agenda which could destroy anywhere between 400,000 and 2.7 million jobs, proposing massive Job-Destroying Tax Hikes to fund the new green deal, the Infrastructure package which funds everything under the sun but infrastructure, double down on Covid mandates, has weaken military readiness by reducing resources available, and now the Afghanistan disaster.

Obama, when he was President, always favored Islamist regimes and he hasn’t changed.

Americans are going to pay for the Afghan disaster besides leaving dozens of Americans stranded.

How long will we let these insane communist nit wits be in charge. They pursue to weaken this nation and will continue (if they’re not stopped) to bring this nation to a total collapse. They are desperately trying to remove Afghan from the news cycle. This means that they will have to come up with something to distract the American people, like using more mandates that Biden just announced requiring any company that has over a hundred employees to have to take a shot or lose their jobs. These kind of mandates are cover for the inept actions of the ones in charge.

While leaving Americans behind enemy lines still hoping to be recused, moving from city to city hiding from the Taliban. This story isn’t over by a long shot. Questions need to be asked. Who was making all the wrong decisions? What kind of nut case advisors would start puling out with no plans in place to protect the Americans that are the targets in harms way first. Leaving billions of dollars with of military arsenal and most of it fully operational left behind. aircraft, armored vehicles and sophisticated defense systems. Arming the terrorist is an act of treason. Were they actually that stupid or was this deliberately done.

Remember Obama and friends are the inner workings of this administration and the Taliban are their favorite terrorist.

The military equipment left behind will be used against the US and the allies that are left in the Mideast to remove them from the region.

What is it going to take for the American people to get off their backside to vote these American hating, abortion pushing communist out of government. This is the last chance. If not, WHAT’S NEXT? Take a look at Venezuela.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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