This is what is happening in our local school system through the power of the state, the district and the local school officials. If you work for the school district do not dare to question polices or curriculum that they are pursuing to use to brainwash the students or you will lose your lively hood.

The school board where I live is controlled by the Superintendent who is a 100% socialist. The kind of curriculum’s that she wants to use are anti-capitalism and anti- American. They include: Comprehensive Sex-Ed. This concentrates on some of the most perverted sex acts including details of anal and oral sex, mutual masturbation and gender options. Minors are told they have the RIGHT to have sex early and often. This curriculum was written by Planned Parenthood along with LBGTQ using the sick writings of a pedophile named Alfred Kinsey who had encounters with 317 children.

Then you have: Critical Race Theory. A radical ideology that focuses on race. This was built on a Marxist political program and it was called The Critical Class Theory. But because of the strong middle class in America the Marxist need to change the wording to sell it in America. Because of the social and racial unrest in the 1960’s an opportunity arose to call it The Critical Race Theory and install the Marxist ideology academic in the universities so in the 1990’s it began finding it’s way into the intellectual framework and now it has worked it’s way into the public education system and has become a required curriculum in most public schools. It’s designed to put individuals in groups, it’s a trap and it actually teaches racism.

Project 1619: This is an attempt of revising American history teaching bad history with bad motives behind it. It is filled with trove of historical inaccuracies and distortions. This dishonest history will be taught in K-12 making it impossible for students to discern fiction from fact.

These curriculum’s are set in place to sexually abuse children, turn student against student, divide families, destroy Christianity and destroy and erase American History.

The real American history should be taught. The Constitution and the history that comes from the journals and writings of the great people that gave all so we could live and prosper in a free country.

A real health curriculum that teaches how to stay healthy and disease prevention. Not sexual perversion.

The curriculum’s in the public schools are not designed to enhance American exceptionalism or the concept of Freedom and Liberty. But to brainwash and train them into a life of communism where every aspect of their live’s can be controlled.

It’s time to get back to the basics and there are a number of home school programs that are solely designed to educate not indoctrinate.

References: Hillsdale College, The Collegian, Imprimis Publication and Epoch Times.

Written BY : Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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