The storm is building the only green in green energy is the money. What we are told are the solutions today will be the environmental disasters of tomorrow.

The beautiful land scape, green pastures and forests that we have now will soon become thousands of squire miles of solar panels under the administrations trillion dollar ambition to eliminate fossil fuels.

There have been a few places where they have cut out forests for solar in the U.S. but in England, Germany and Australia. They have devastated acres and acres of forests for wind and solar. That will happen more and more in the U.S. as the developers claim more property for the purpose of these big projects because there is lots of money to be made by these ego driven monsters.

Just about every one of these solar companies are foreign that are receiving the subsidy money and the grants to build these solar industrial sites. Companies like Cypress Creek owned by EQT out of Sweden and Avengrid owned by IBERDROLA group out of Spain, are behind most big projects.

Wind and solar are both unsustainable and will not be suffcient enough to supply for the future. It will be have to be hydroelectric, natural gas or nuclear. But in the mean time there will be tons and tons of renewable waste. Right now according to Institute for Energy Research, there will be 78 million metric tons of solar panels by 2030. And now the solar panels are having to be replaced faster than expected so that figure will increase. But besides solar you have the wind turbine blades that can not be recycled. They keep adding up more and more every day and the few places that will take them already have huge piles of them. Land fills are already chuck full of solar and wind junk and that doesn’t include the huge amount of the industrial storage batteries that can not be recycled. What do you do with tons and tons of dangerous toxic materials? if you bury it , sooner or later it leeches out into the ground water.

So predicted by 2050 we will have to abandon, for the most part, wind and solar and start rebuilding what actually works. But in the mean time we will have ruined thousands of square miles of agriculture land and animal habitat for birds and other species.

So when we get done giving as much tax money as we can too these foreign companies they will leave the next generation knee deep in renewable junk and no place to put it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put a stop to it now before it becomes a problem that may never go away!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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