That’s what the voter’s told the Socialist Democrats. Enough shoving the Critical Race Theory on to the children, enough of labeling concerned parents as terrorists, enough of your mandates telling me what kind of medical producers I have to get, enough of your job destroying polices, enough of your open border polices. Enough, enough of all your socialistic America destroying agenda.Thank God it is starting to turn around. People have seen what socialism is like and they don’t like it. I believe people are going to rebuild America. It won’t be like it was but it will be a whole lot better than where we are going. Give people something to vote for. A reason and a purpose for making their life better, freer and you have the recipe for making an election victory.

Under the Biden administration, defund the police gained more traction and crime soared so the ones that want to restore law and order and bring back the police are getting the support of the voters. After all the prerequisite for prosperity is public safety.

People are coming to realize that these radical socialist agendas are putting America in a downward decline and even some Democrats are jumping ship.

After non-stop fake news censoring any news that didn’t agree with the socialist agenda and yet the Republicans fought their way through the jungle of propaganda to win some major victories. Like in Virginia where the Governors race was a national event and Glenn Youngkin overwhelmingly won because he stood largely with the parents at Loudon County which the school board pressed to have them arrested for addressing social indoctrination curriculum that is being pushed.

That is just one example but if you look across the whole spectrum of November 3, 2021 you see the American people saying we are taking our country back.

I believe this is just a sample of what is going to be a voting revelation in November 2022. As the Biden Administration continues to cripple any positive growth and make unconstitutional mandates imposing Government control over our individual lives the surge to the right is gaining momentum.

If anyone thinks America is better off than they were in 2020 they’re either a drug dealer, a renewable tax sucking foreigner, a vaccine executive, own a censoring social media group, a corporate conglomerate group that want small business out of the way, a Chinese communist or a complete idiot. I know there’s a lot more that I could add to the list but the bottom line is the hard working tax paying American just want this Socialist regime gone and everyone of them returned to the alien planet they came from.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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