Pressure is building against the assault on freedom. Canadian truckers tried to negotiate with Trudeau, to no avail. Now because of his arrogance, superior attitude and not willing to try and work things out, he has forced the truckers (which have now become the frontline freedom fighters) to literately shut the country down.

These truckers have become the new face of freedom in Canada. They have given up everything to stand for freedom. They left their families to go fight for freedom and have sacrificed their lively hood to stand for freedom. Now RCMP has blocked them off so they can’t get food or fuel. These truckers are true warriors in the battle for freedom.

They have inspired the same kind of action in Australia and also now the US truckers are organizing to take trucks to Washington, D.C.

You can only oppress people so long before they lawfully retake back their freedom. Human Nature desires freedom and those who believe in freedom will do anything under the sun to preserve their freedom.

I believe this is just the start. People are sick and tired of mandates, lockdowns, restrictions and despotic Governors and state legislators that have been trying to instill fear to take your freedom. Best heed the warning because the fear of losing freedom is a powerful force to rise up and retaliate.

The Canadian truckers have started a freedom movement that has the potential of spreading like a freedom pandemic to many countries.

Being free is being able to live you life as you see fit. When the government has control of your life, freedom is replaced by permission and the government only gives permission to those who are obedient to their demands.

If the governments don’t heed the warnings the protest will become freedom revolts and that will make the truckers protest look like a day in the park. This quest for freedom is not going away.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email:

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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