The US is evacuating its embassy in Kiev for fear of Russian invasion and Russia is removing people from their embassy because the fear of US intervention.

Now here is what is happening on Saturday 2/12: Putin and Biden talk to each other. Biden told Putin not to invade the Ukraine. Putin said I don’t plan on invading the Ukraine.

Biden top officials tells the media Russia is about to invade the Ukraine. Could be as early as Tuesday, or Wednesday or before the end of the Olympics. This is just wishful thinking by people in the administration that are trying to provoke a confrontation.

Biden and his bunch are going to keep kicking the dog until the US gets dragged into an unnecessary war over the Ukraine’s borders. Another idiotic move by this inept cluster of buffoons. They are not only stupid, these people are dangerous.

Because Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank, they are risking a thermonuclear war over a border of a country that has gone back and forth several times in the last hundred years.

All this to try and get Biden’s approval numbers up. The people running the Biden show must have been recruited from the nuthouse.

If the US would just butt out, in all likelihood Russia and the Ukraine would come to a diplomatic solution and there would be no invasion. No US interference is the best answer.

But the Biden war buzzards are circling and the US intelligence and the US media are spreading misinformation and doing everything they can to justify Biden pushing Russia into a confrontation. If they are successful, it will be World War 3 with the use of nuclear and space age weapons and the likes of the best missiles Russia has. Wether Russia has the war equipment that they say they have, I don’t think we want to find out over a stupid border war that is really none of our business.

My prayer is God please get us through the next 20 months without all hell breaking loose. Hopefully by then we will have elected some people that are normal.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email:

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Retired - Strong conservative

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