We are losing vital living skills thanks to our increasing dependence on technology. Too many people just don’t know how to think any more. If you need to know something you just ask Siri or Google. Using a map anymore sounds barbaric; without a navigation app you can’t get there from here. What ever the virtual assistant tells you is what you believe. Now you’re at the mercy of the ‘Tech’ Giants ! Very few people will research and discern what is fact and what is not.

Kids in school have easy access to cheating; in most schools cell phones are allowed in class. Ask a student what the class was about and they have no idea but ask them what text messages they got while in class, they no problem relating that.

In too many cases life is becoming a virtual reality game. Anytime friends or family get together talking is minimal. Every one is looking at their phones checking messages, texting or just plain ignoring what is being said or what is going on.

People are basically glued to their phones and heaven forbid if they forget their phone; they have a severe panic attack and can’t stop thinking about not having a phone and not paying attention to what they are doing. Then you have texting while driving, enough said.

As technology advances so does the threat and the more you upgrade to newer and more features the bigger target you become. The hackers are constantly figuring out how to bypass new security the day it is developed. It is very easy to become a victim of identity theft, to be pursued by a predator, and gaining access to your bank account. In today’s technological jungle the hackers are always hunting their prey.

Peoples jobs are being replaced with high tech computors but what happens when the power goes off and no one knows how to keep things going? Everything collapses!

People’s attitudes are changing and people are becoming more impatient, everything has to be right now or it is inconvenient. And this isn’t just with cell phones or computors. It is everything, need faster ways to make coffee, cook a meal or buying anything. Society is going at such a fast pace that nobody has time to just be human and enjoy what they have.

Technology is in control with having computors, cell phones and TV’s that are able to hear and electronically process what you are saying even when you are not using them. You are constantly being monitored WHY? Because selling your movements your thoughts what you buy has made these tech overlords unbelieveable fortunes.

Technology has given us a lot of improvrments and has made life easier but you have to discern the good from the bad. A computor or a cell phone is no more than an electronic device that stores information for you to access. It has no brain, it has no heart. It is just a configuration of complicated electrical components. The information that you recieve is up to you to check it out and use your common sense to recognize if you are being manipulated or lied to. Use technology wisely and to your advantage. You control it, it shouldn’t control you.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email:

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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