Why would anyone degrade the best military in the world that has the finest men and women that are a dedicated, and highly trained to be a powerful fighting force to protect and defend the United States. But this bunch of flunkies we have in charge now is doing everything they can to destroy the morale of the military. The military is not a social organization. Their job is to preserve peace through strength and when the need arises to kill the enemy and destroy his weapons. The military is not a social laboratory for the liberals pushing their half baked experiments of diversity, equity and inclusion training.

So far, see what Secretary of Defense Austin has done as head of the Department of Defense (DOD). He created the Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG). Experts say that there is little evidence of current or former extremism that exists in the general military population. The DOD definition of extremist is very broad. It includes traditional Catholics, Republicans, conservative pro-life views, anyone who does not support the LGBTQ, life style and those who are against COVID-19 vaccinations. They are all targets for the CEWG. Any member that doesn’t agree with Biden’s or (Austin’s) radical diversity, equity, and inclusion policy is to be considered a security threat or if they agreed with any of Donald Trump’s polices they are considered extremist and a national security threat.

All these things that are being set in place by the DOD have impacted the recruiting effort of the young people who wanted to join the military and serve their country. They are not interested in being a candidate for social engineering. We have the smallest Air Force in decades and the Army Troops are down from 485,000 to 473,000. Biden’s military budget lacks meeting the military needs in today’s world. It doesn’t even keep up with inflation.

Right now we have some joining the military because they want a government paid for operation to change their gender. Compromising readiness for politics is a stupid move that will cost American lives.

The military is meant to be discriminatory. It is important that you put the best in areas they are most qualified for.

Can you imagine the potential of a war with Russia, China, or Iran and their military trained for combat and our military trained on how to kill the enemy with kindness. These idiots in charge have put every American’s future in jeopardy.

This is just another example of how important it is to get people in charge that are dedicated to keeping America’s readiness as the upmost importance. This is another reason that the 2022 election is so important. The military has to be put back together to build the finest military with the best military weapons in the world.

We have fine people that are willing to accept the challenges and privilege of being a member of the military we must not waste them but encourage them. There is nothing more dangerous for America than a weak military.

For 247 years the military has been the guardian of America’s freedom and liberty. We must not let the Socialist degrade the protectors of our freedoms.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email: Ref: Epoch Times,, American Thinker, Washington Times

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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